As you guys may know, I haven’t exactly been on the ball with updates to the Wildfire system, until now that is.
I’ve been working on an update to the system that utilizes an external database system instead of SQLite, but the biggest part of the update is to recording of statistics.

‘Recording of statistics?’ I hear you say; fear not for it’s actually for a greater purpose- public server tracking.
The ‘biggest part’ of the update I mentioned before is actually adding tracking & server browser functionality to All servers will be tracked (when a connect request is made, Wildfire will store the server name, time, and other stuff), and this tracking will be reflected on the website as graphs.

The server browser isn’t finished yet (which is why those exclamation triangles are there- the data can’t be retrieved at the moment as the data is not present).
I’m hoping to add direct connect functionality (aka, launch straight into a server from the site).
There will also be graphs similar to those on the Overall Network Activity page (perhaps in more detail).

All this is done via the new Wildfire API, which I will also be making public on (or shortly after) the new update is applied.

Any ideas for graphs that you’d like to see?
Let me know!

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