The current instance of Wildfire has been running for 6 months now, so I thought I’d compile a small review of Wildfire so far…

There are currently 248 registered users, with an average of 54.3 new users each month (up from <30 in January, February, and March) in the last three months.

This statistic alone is impressive seeing as Crysis Wars is almost dead.

44.8% of players are Russian, while 39.9% use anonymous addresses:

  • Russia: 44.8%;
  • Unknown: 39.9%;
  • Poland: 7.3%;
  • Hungary: 0.8%;
  • Europe (General): 0.4%;
  • Spain: 0.4%

Wildfire sees around 50 billion queries each month from its users and servers!

I was surprised at this one too, but it makes sense given that each query is around 32 bytes with 200 or so of them coming in each second (can rise to around 10,000 per second on a busy day):

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