Application storefronts for smartphones and other industries such as games take a straight 30% cut of […]
I’ve created a small piece of software that maps-out an image’s RGBA values to a file. […]
As mentioned in Welcome to The RainEngine, I’m using the ASGE (AwesomeSauceGameEngine) for my 2D engine […]
For a university assignment on game systems I’ve chosen to do regular good ‘ol rain… with […]
As you guys may know, I haven’t exactly been on the ball with updates to the Wildfire system, until now […]
The current instance of Wildfire has been running for 6 months now, so I thought I’d […]
It’s common knowledge in the games design industry that many online multiplayer games transfer data via […]
I’ve just discovered the load balancing & auto scaling functions of AWS EC2, and I immediately […]
I replaced the SSD in my system a week ago and sold off the old SSD, […]
As some of you might know, GameTracker’s GameSpy V2.0 querying is broken, so I opened a […]