Below is a selection of my projects, as well as downloads (where available and permitted).
Disclaimer: Please note that the software on this page may be incomplete/have issues, and I accept no responsibility for any problems that occur.

I have more experience within the Unity game engine as well as console development, but I’m unable to show them here as I did this while I was working for Mobile Pie (who I worked at for my university placement year) and I don’t feel it’s right to add projects that I do not own here. While at Mobile Pie I worked on a 3D mobile game for a child YouTuber, rewriting a couple of the mini games (Tornado Twist and Donut Dash) and general bug fixes & additions, as well as creating the current iteration of the “cinema” feature.
As well as this I worked on bug fixes and feature changes for some of their other client projects, as well as preliminary Nintendo Switch controller input for another title.