Application storefronts for smartphones and other industries such as games take a straight 30% cut of […]
Skip to the instructions. I recently began testing out TeamCity on an Azure VM and liked […]
This project is the research and creation of a voice transcription system for video games, that […]
Oh Crytek, you’ve been sloppy, very sloppy indeed.Let me ask you a question: was the decision […]
Crysis Remastered dropped yesterday, and as a mod developer for Crysis (going way back to 2011!) […]
It’s been in every gamer’s mind: the current spat between Epic Games & the Apple/Google Play […]
I’m currently working on a major update to my Wildfire game multiplayer system, specifically fixing the […]
Game development consoles provide statistical information about what’s happening internally within the game and the engine […]
ENet supports setting the timeout value on the connection. The way it’s formatted (as a enetpp:client_connect_params() […]
I’m still unfamiliar with ENet (I find it to be extremely limiting when compared to other […]