As the Wildfire system was growing, I decided to recreate the website to take advantage of modern design principles as well as showing daily user counts visually via a graph. Compared to the original website this new site made full use of the page as well as the first (and only) version of Wildfire Link.

Wildfire Link was an online account management interface that allowed for account changes, created overnight in the Global Game Jam 2017 (I couldn’t find the libraries I needed for Transmission and lacked the experience to create my own so I was stuck).
For system administrators the interface allowed user auditing and administration (sending account reset emails and banning users).

A second version of Wildfire Link myWildfire, was intended to be made however a few months after the new website launched the number of active players started dropping and so was dropped (as was the Wildfire v3 (Constellation) website, as seen below).

This new website made use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript (with JQuery and Highcharts), along with AWS Aurora for the new database backend and HAProxy for load balancing and caching.

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