Transmission was my Global Game Jam 2018 game (which was never finished due to some issues with libraries), written in pure HTML and JavaScript (which I suppose technically made it my first HTML5/JavaScript game). The game was never published as there were issues finding libraries that could interact with the WebGL Earth that I was using.

In Transmission, the Earth was sending radio transmissions into deep space in an attempt to achieve contact with aliens.
Pro: an alien race managed to receive one of the transmissions sent.
Con: this alien race were searching for a new planet to conquer and decided Earth was ripe for decimation.
However the aliens couldn’t accurately locate the Earth so were following the continued transmissions, it’s the player’s job to stop these transmissions from leaving. Before it’s too late.

A simple drag-and-click game, the player rotates a 3D Earth around to find emerging transmission hotspots and clicks them to prevent transmissions from escaping. Over time more transmissions are generated and the available time to stop each transmission decreases, until a certain number of transmissions escaped and the player lost the game.

Used HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, WebGL Earth, and sounds from Soundimage.
I have lost the source code and so the game is unavailable, but I am considering rebuilding it in Unity and releasing it.

Creating this game sparked my love of writing science fiction stories for games, inspiration that can be seen in my later work such as The Entity and Project Lihou (a prototype mobile multiplayer game).

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