As some of you might know, GameTracker’s GameSpy V2.0 querying is broken, so I opened a post in the support area of their forum giving them all the details they needed to verify that it is a GameTracker problem and requesting that the issue is fixed (it affects other games as well).

I recieved a reply this morning, which comprised basically of ‘it’s not our problem, go away’. I never requested in reference to the game developers as it’s not their problem, so I opened a new thread.

It seems that all GameTracker care about is the money they get from ad revenue, and not any gameservers tracked.
Noticed lately that they haven’t added support for newer games yet?

Please, GameTracker, don’t turn into a rubbish service like many of the other gameserver tracking services.
You were good when I last used you four years ago. Right now? Not so much.

Oh, and another thing GameTracker… ban me and I’ll be seeking a refund for the GT Premium Gold service that I pay for each month (not that it’s worth anywhere near what I pay anyway).


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