It’s been in every gamer’s mind: the current spat between Epic Games & the Apple/Google Play […]
I’m currently working on a major update to my Wildfire game multiplayer system, specifically fixing the […]
ENet supports setting the timeout value on the connection. The way it’s formatted (as a enetpp:client_connect_params() […]
March 31st 2019 marks ten whole years since the last official update by Crytek to Crysis […]
For one of my university assignments I’m working in a group to develop a racing game, […]
As said in my last post Wildfire 2 needs to support two university projects: The first, […]
I created Wildfire 2 (technically Wildfire 3, but Wildfire 2 was never completed) last week to […]
There has been a whole ton of criticism over the latest iteration of Star Trek and […]
I’ve just done a partial restore from my old blog at I couldn’t restore everything […]
In the 1980s and 1990s, text-based adventure games were commonplace. Many consoles back then were actually […]